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What is MATCH?

Maryland Assessment Tool for Community Health (MATCH) features statistics for Maryland resident health events. Health officials, health practitioners, public health researchers and others can find Maryland population estimates along with statistics on births to Maryland resident mothers, resident deaths and hospitalizations. The information is aggregated by year of event, by county of residence and by other population characteristics. Additional information concerning risk factor surveys of Maryland mothers who recently gave birth (PRAMS), behaviors/conditions among Maryland adult residents (BRFSS) and some Cancer Risk and Screening surveys are available through links to other FHA databases. MATCH is sponsored by the Family Health Administration and is developed in partnership with the Maryland Vital Statistics Administration and the Maryland Health Care Commission.

A Quick-Start manual for first-time users of MATCH may be viewed by clicking: Quick Start Manual

Topic-specific manuals describing related MATCH data and giving very detailed descriptions of the analysis tools may be viewed and downloaded from each topic Home Page. On pages requiring query formation or results interpretation, a help button in the right upper region of the tab bar will link to a portion of the specific manual dealing with that particular topic. All users are encouraged to download and read the manuals provided for the topical datasets.

If you have any questions regarding interpretation of your analyses, we appreciate hearing from you and trying to answer them. You may send them to us at If you provide a telephone number with your message, we will try to call you before sending a response.

SPECIAL ALERT TO USERS:     This application works best with version 7 of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser (or earlier versions).  There are minor difficulties with the “back button” functions under the latest Internet Explorer version 8.  We are trying to resolve this issue.  The queries and data displays are accurate and are not affected by the problem.  Please use the “Data Change Logs” link on the left side of this page to obtain more information.


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